What I do


Automating, scraping and understanding to gather insights at scale to support insights and innovation


Seeking and analysing information to support planning & strategy

Rapid prototyping

Get ideas validated fast on paper, with software or hardware to quickly rule ideas in or out

Creative Tech

Cross-functional support of creative, tech and production teams to go beyond briefs while staying on budget


PHP, Python, JS, HTML, CSS, Databases, AWS, Axure, Tableau, Adobe Creative Suite, GIS, WordPress, Bootstrap, Google/Office Suite.


Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms, integrating a variety of components (RFID, NFC, range finding, Bluetooth, buttons, laser)


2014 - 2019


Built the business from scratch with my co-founders as CTO and then Chief Data & Innovation Officer. Saw this through past a valuation of £2.5m, became a subject matter expert on property regulations and moved into data, research and strategy.

2019 | Personal

GLA data visuals

Putting the Mayor of London's Rogue Landlord and Agent checker through Tableau, cross referencing the data with other government databases to show insights the original dataset doesn't

2016 | Personal

TopShop Installation

Concept piece using Camerabooth's underlying technology to create an in-store experience to make user-generated content for SM with links back to the online-shop. Users can try on a look, use a barcode scanner to tag the clothes and publish online with links to buy.

2015 | Personal


I set myself a brief to create a portable camera platform which could receive sensor input and forward photos to any platform, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Includes 20cm3 laser-cut box, MacMini, Arduino and an iPhone. Useful for weddings and parties...

2014 | While at Proximity

Pledging Box

Prototype for an online charity exchange. After setting up a direct debit to the platform, users donate via micro-transaction through a browser plugin or an app to charities which are dynamically selected based on physical location, news and events, or online content.

2014 | While at Proximity

Kenco Smart Jar

"We've got this campaign ready to pitch, but we need a non-invasive [eh?] prototype to track how much coffee people are drinking, and we need costs and time estimates right now". Easy, sniff out Bluetooth signal from a set of smart-scales, then build an iOS app from there.

2014 | While at Proximity

RFID Hot Wheels

Very short brief to create a physical interactive component for Shell's AGM. Within a couple of days, I loaded up some Hotwheels with RFID tag and put together an RFID reader connected to an iPad via Bluetooth so that each car triggered a different video.

Cloud Installation
2014 | While at Proximity

Cloud Installation

Prototype using Philips Hue bulbs to create a set of huge clouds to hang in the office atrium which would change colour based on time, user input, motion etc... Not viable due to access, but repurposed the lighting and RFID components into other applications for the agency.

iOS Café App
2013 | While at Proximity

Café App

Internal agency project to get some practice on mobile development. Started with an app to order from the café downstairs, but expanded into a client-facing app to control visitor experience at the agency, changing reception livery, mood lighting and unlocking wifi from I.T.

2012 | While at Proximity

Kenco Fan Forest

Facebook page in Flash. Kenco purchased 25 acres of forest and wanted to let users pick and claim any 1m2 parcel within the space. Planning didn't do the maths, so the main challenge was cramming 100,000 buttons on screen while not deviating from the designs too much (Video).

2009 | While at Iris Digial

Sony Ericsson

Flash website and game for James Bond - Quantum of Solace in 43 international markets. Led the flash build and I designed and language-focused CMS to facilitate the localisation as we had extremely tight and immovable deadlines (Video).



Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Co-founder

Led company R&D and honing our niche's subject matter expertise to guide strategy and planning.

Jan 2019 - Oct 2019


Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Cross-functional role from the start of the company through to launch and maturation.

Oct 2014 - Jan 2019

Proximity London

Lead Creative Technologist (Freelance)

Flash builds large and small and transitioned to rapid prototyping and innovation work.

Sep 2009 - May 2014


Chief Technical Officer, Founder

System to automate Flash and Photoshop to generate ad campaigns from basic rules and assets. Tech worked great, but still failed.

2009 - 2010

Iris Digial

Lead Flash Developer

Medium-large, multi-lingual games and websites.

2008 - 2009

LBi/Candy, RGA, Glue, Exposure, Publicis

Flash Freelancing contracts (4 weeks+)

2005 - 2008

Agency Republic

Flash Developer

2004 - 2005

BA Digital Arts with Digital Animation

University of West London

2000 - 2003